Tyler Childs

Software Engineer


Over the years the common thread through my career is curiosity. I’m always experimenting with and trying new technologies and incorporating them into my work when they make sense.

I’m also a rabid minimalist and always looking to simplify, so what I’m using at the end of the day has purpose and intent. I’m allergic to over-engineered solutions.



April 2018 - Netflix

March 2014 - Inflection

May 2013 - B.S. Web Design and Development

October 2012 - University

May 2009 - A.A. Web Design

February 2008 - Marketing Advocate

February 2008 - tylerchilds.com

2000 - 2007 - Precursory Years



In my spare time, I enjoy tinkering with and building stuff. Also video games, reading graphic novels, watching Netflix or hanging out with the dogs.

I also enjoy eating food and try and find the best food that’s also cheap. This means taqueria tacos are the best.

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